Concert One

Sunday, March 15th, 2020    3.00pm


The C.A.Love Hall

Geelong High School

Corner of Ryrie and Garden Streets, East Geelong

What’s Interesting About This Concert

  • Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony is one of the most popular pieces of Classical Music.  For such a serene work it is incredible to realise that he wrote this at the same time as he was writing his Symphony no. 5 with its driving and almost violent energy.  It was also penned during his increasing deafness which was also a time when Beethoven moved frequently from lodging to lodging. In 1808 alone the year he wrote the Pastoral Symphony Beethoven moved no fewer than four times.  Perhaps all this change and is reflected in the amazing range of character and expression reflected in these extraordinary pieces.


  • Suite algerienne by Saint Saens is another picturesque work.  In this case the title on the score reads 'Picturesque Impressions of a Voyage to Algeria.'  


  • Weber's Clarinet Concerto no. 1 sounds almost operatic.  The orchestra works very much like an opera orchestra supporting their 'vocal' soloists virtuosity in a wide and dramatic range of expression.  

The Program


Beethoven     Symphony no. 6, 1st movement


Ravel            Pavane pour une infante defunte

Beethoven    King Stephan Overture

Saint Saens  Suite Algeriennes

Weber          Clarinet Concerto no.1, 1st movement

Featured Artists

Music Director, Mark Shiell

Clarinet, Dean Cronkwright

What you'll hear