Our Committee of Management 2022

Acting President and Secretary, Kathryn Aston-Mourney

Kathryn is a semi-professional musician playing with Orchestra Geelong for 30 years as well as in various orchestras and bands for choral and musical events around Geelong. Kathryn is highly experienced in managing musical groups. 

Vice President, Johanna Latham

Johanna is a professional musician and music teacher, who has played with Orchestra Geelong for many years as well as playing for Geelong Symphony Orchestra and other groups around Geelong. Johanna also has extensive experience running multiple musical groups in regional Victoria.


Treasurer, Megan Ellis

Megan is a long-term non-professional musician in the Geelong region and with Orchestra Geelong. Megan has extensive experience in managing project and research services including inventory and accounting.

Librarian, Tania Briese

Tania has extensive volunteering experience with many community groups with a focus on community music. She is also the manager of the Geelong Youth Orchestra. Tania oversees activities engaging members of Orchestra Geelong and fostering our supportive community atmosphere.


Publicity Manager, Felicity Bolitho

Felicity is a non-professional musician who has been playing with Orchestra Geelong for several years. Felicity is  experienced in management, communication, and marketing within a community context.