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Donations and Sponsorships


Donations to Orchestra Geelong help us bring our music to the community. 


Orchestra Geelong is administered by a volunteer Committee of Management, donations enable us to purchase sheet music, hire our venue, pay insurance and generally support our financial viability. All donations a very gratefully received.


                  The Orchestra is a registered charity and donations are tax deductible.



Ways to donate:


Orchestra Geelong offers a range of sponsorship packages for local business and organisations interested in supporting music in the community.

There are many benefits to becoming an Orchestra Geelong sponsor, being a sponsor will:

  • enhance your business's brand awareness

  • align and activate your brand with an interested cohort

  • show your support and investment in community music in Geelong

  • promote you to our target audience

  • support the development of an uplifting and enjoyable concert series

  • help make concerts more accessible for more people

  • give you the wonderful feeling of doing good!

Please contact the Committee if you are interested in becoming an Orchestra Geelong Sponsor.

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