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Plan your Visit

We hope you're planning to come to a concert soon. 


We care about our audience and making sure that people who are newer to classical music and concerts have a great time.  We want you to come back! 

Here are some frequently asked questions....

Where do you perform?

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What do I wear?


We strongly support the wearing of clothes at our concerts.  The style of your clothing is completely up to you.  We are just excited to see you at the concert!

How long is a concert?

Concerts (including a short interval) will typically be over in under 2 hours.

Where do I park?

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When do I clap?

This can be a confusing question.  Why?  In the early days of Classical Music, audiences were noisy.   Clapping and talking were common during performances.  During the 20th century, this changed and it moved from clapping between movements to clapping at the end of the whole piece.  The problem here is that lots of people don't necessarily know when that is and it can feel weird if you're the only one who somehow didn't know.  So we have a different policy.  If you have an emotional reaction to the music and you want to express that it.  If you loved a movement and you want to let it it!  That's our policy here at Orchestra Geelong.

Do you hate phones?

No..we don't.  Perhaps this is not standard policy but we are a little different at Orchestra Geelong.  What we don't want are phones actually ringing or making other noises during the concert but we are happy for you to share the experience of our concert with the world through your phone.  So put it on silent, take selfies, check-in on Facebook.

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