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While You're Here

The Pre-Concert Talk

The pre-concert talk with our Artistic Director starts half an hour before the performance is completely free.  It lasts around 15 minutes which gives you time between the talk and the concert to use the toilet, mingle etc.  During the talk the topics covered might include why the pieces were chosen, things you might want to listen for and information about the composer.  Sometimes our soloists join the talk so you get to hear directly from the amazing musician you are about to listen to.

When do I clap?

This can be a confusing question.  Why?  In the early days of Classical Music, audiences were noisy.   Clapping and talking were common during performances.  During the 20th century this changed.  Clapping moved to between movements and then to the end of the whole piece.  The problem is that lots of people don't necessarily know when that is. It can feel weird if you're the only one who somehow didn't know.  So we have a different policy.  If you have an emotional reaction to the music and you want to express that it.  If you loved a movement and you want to let it it!  That's our policy here at Orchestra Geelong.

Come and say hello

At the end of the concert please feel free to come and chat with us at supper afterwards.  We would love to hear from you.  After all, we will have just had a shared experience of great music.  There will be things to talk about!

Do you hate phones? 

No..we don't. Perhaps this is not standard policy but we are a little different at Orchestra Geelong.  What we don't want are phones actually ringing or making other noises during the concert but we are happy for you to share the experience of our concert with the world through your phone.  So put it on silent, take selfies, check-in on Facebook.

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